Give People Your Full Attention

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    <br><br>As for the person who is weak in faith, welcome him…” – Romans 14:1<br><br>What would our churches, homes and families resemble if we treated every interaction together as a moment preordained by God?<br><br>Focus is a a premium today. With our phones, watches, tablets and TVs constantly buzzing and beckoning our attention, it’s rare for a person to experience another person’s full attention.<br><br>In your churches and homes, you can reverse this trend by putting your phones down and investing your all into the person in front individuals. Look into their eyes, inquire further questions, show an interest in who they really are.<br><br>Angel offers these suggestions. “Smile always, don’t get distracted by others serving together with you — even though there are only a couple of guests walking through the doors ― give them your full attention.”<br><br>

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