Love Crosses Borders Review #8

Love Crosses Borders Review

  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Active Members
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Chance of Getting a Date

#8 Love Crosses Borders

interracial dating website

No.8 Interracial Site: Love Crosses Borders

visit interracial site

Love crosses borders is an online dating website aimed especially at interracial community and those who focus on international dating and friendship. The site is also useful for those who are looking at mixed race relationships and marriages. Surveys conducted in the past years show a drastic increase in the number of interracial marriages or relationships, thanks to the changing cultural taboo. The advancement of the technology and the availability of the internet are proving beneficial for such people who are in search of an individual outside the caste, race, or even the country.


Quick signup

It is frustrating to answer all the odd questions and the long session of sign up. As the site focuses more simplifying the process of meeting new people, it has set up a quick sign up process. Love Crosses Border is one among those sites that makes it easier for people to have a quick start using the services. All it needs is a few minutes for setting up the profile and begin utilizing the services offered by the site.

Quick setup of the profile page

Love Crosses Borders allows you to set up “my profile” page with the required information. It is information that other members see when they browse the profile. It is also probable to modify the background of the profile page, which allows complete freedom of choosing a background image or color according to the need.

Addition of components

Components are content containers, which allow the user to add additional information on the “my profile” page. It includes photo albums, maps, friends, and gifts. It is possible to add or deactivate components as and when required. However, a few components when added is impossible to be deactivated. It is also possible to drive the components and place it in a particular position on the profile page.


Customizing the profile according to the acquirement is possible. You can add details, pictures, and participate actively in blogging. Premium members gain additional privileges, where they share messages privately and even send photographs to prospective dates.

Quick search

Love Crosses Borders has an efficient search mechanism that helps in retrieving profiles according to the set parameters. You can begin searching for a partner based on each, gender, and place. Privileged members gain the additional benefit of carrying out the search by coming across numerous parameters that assist in fine-tuning the details and come up with a list that seems to contain apt matches.

The intelligent management system of the website also has the ability to provide recommendations based on the selected parameters. It is the easiest ways to begin dating by finding out potential profiles that help in making the most out of the dating platform.

Advanced features

If you are serious about interracial dating, then it is preferable to opt for premium membership. The premium membership unlocks advanced features and premium services that give an edge to the profile over others. Apart from receiving access to a number of features, premium members also receive the possibility to send and receive private messages. The exposure provides the opportunity to interact with prospective dates and check out the chemistry. The premium membership further allows you to look for matches within your location. You can actually hang out and meet in-person to check for the compatibility. Premium members also receive a commendable support.


While it is possible for users to choose the free membership plan and browse the profiles, the following are the available membership plans that you can avail to receive additional benefits.

  • 1.Gold membership for one month – $10 USD
  • 2.Gold membership for three months – $27 USD
  • 3.Gold membership for 12 months – $96 USD

The advantages associated with gold membership are that the user receives no advertisement, unlimited messaging possibility, preferred in member lists, and ID verification apart from a host of additional features. Choosing the premium membership is beneficial for a user who is seriously considering interracial dating.

How does it work?

For Love Crosses Borders to function in an appropriate manner, it is necessary for you to follow the steps below:

  • 1.Begin the process by enrolling as a member with the website. Ensure that you fill out the needed particular is in a detailed manner. Avoid unwanted and too many details that can put away a possible prospect.
  • 2.After filling out the information, ensures that you had a profile picture. The profile picture adds credibility. Make sure that the photograph is recent and clear.
  • 3.After completing the setting up of the profile, the next process includes the beginning of searching the profiles. Use the available filters and parameters to look for the best matches. You can express your interest in a profile by sending e-greetings or flirts.
  • 4.If you have selected a gold membership plan, you will possibly gain the ability to send and receive messages. By initiating the communication, you are taking things to the next level. You will also receive additional features and tools that will elevate the opportunity of finding appropriate matches according to the preferred criteria.
  • 5.You can even arrange a meeting in person with the possible prospect and check the compatibility to take the relationship to a new level.

Love Crosses Borders App or Not?

Love Crosses Borders is a web addition with no app for mobile. However, it is possible to view it on a smart phone or iPhone by using the browser and receive optimized experience.

Editor’s review

The overall outlook of the website is good. The credibility goes for offering easy navigation and support. The gold membership plans are attractive, and the site boasts of people who are regularly enrolling. If you are searching for an affordable and efficient interracial dating site, the website is a good choice to begin interacting with new people belonging to different race and from a different location. The website also provides useful dating tips and safety features that are efficient and impressive.

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Interracial Cupid Review No.4

Interracial Cupid Review

  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Active Members
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Chance of Getting a Date

#4 Interracial Cupid

interracial cupid

No.4 Interracial Site: Interracial Cupid

visit interracial site

Interracial Cupid is a popular choice for all those who want to explore the depths of interracial dating and date someone hailing from another ethnic origin. It is known for offering its users quite a lot of benefits which makes this website stand out from the rest. Ideally, it is known to be one of the best portals where one can find black women and white men and increase their odds of dating. The interracial website offers free membership plans as well for those who are not looking to put in a lot of money at stake.


When you are looking to sign up at a dating site, you will definitely want to be aware of the key features.

Great members’ turnout

One of the key features which you need to be watchful about for all interracial dating sites has to be the members’ turnout. It is important to be aware of the amount of members one has on the site. As far as Interracial Cupid is concerned, a large majority of the members hail from regions like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Even though their origins may be different, the member turnout is quite impressive. So, Interracial Cupid seems quite good for those who are looking for ample member count.

Free to use

If you are not in the mood to make some upfront investment in the field of interracial dating, this is definitely a good site. There are no upfront charges as the basic membership is free to all. So, you can make a free account and test the site to gauge the kind of features it actually has and if you are interested. However, it is important to add that the real benefits of the site will be experienced only by the paid members.

My matches

This is another great feature which deserves a mention. You can always check out the ‘my matches’ column as it allows you to see what are the likely profiles that may be interested in you or the ones that may appeal to you. The ‘My Matches’ feature has been quite prolific and it is likely to yield the right results and will help you find the best matches. Of course, you should make a complete inspection of the profile and then decide which of them seems to be good enough.

Efficient searching

Interracial Cupid is known to offer some of the best searching option. You can input quite a lot of different parameters which include location, gender, age, ethnicity and more. These specific filters help you in being sure of the kind of person you want to date. These search filters are an excellent way of filtering the possible options and looking out for the best choice which you can opt for.

Good communication

At Interracial Cupid, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy efficient and quick communication. There are a lot of different tools which this site offers and it includes mails, video chat, instant messages and more. With these chat tools, sending the right communication channel is whole lot easier and it will allow you to forge an excellent network which in turn will help you understand if you should proceed with the idea of dating the person.


While the basic membership is free of cost, you will find a lot of other membership plans which you can avail.
You can choose gold membership or even platinum membership as well. Both this memberships come at different cost and thereby have its own set of features as well. Make sure to check the details meticulously to decide which seems to be apt choice.

How it works?

Those who are wondering as to how Interracial Cupid actually works can make use of these steps.

1.Get started

The first thing is to get started on the website by signing up for a free account. You can choose free membership, but if you are willing to put in some amount of money; you can always choose a membership plan as it will help you get larger benefits from the world of dating.

2.Add in your picture

In the field of dating, it is important to add picture to your profile because it will allow you to make your profile a lot more credible. This will fetch you more hits and so try and have a profile picture which is apt and captivating and at the same time, it should be relatable and resemble your looks earnestly.


You should then spend some time searching for the top profiles. Make it as point to use as many different filters as you want. This will help you narrow down your selection and will then help you understand the best possible matches which can be good dates. Of course, you will need to first initiate a conversation. Chat with them and maybe even video chat to test how amazing it feels. Once you are sure that you like someone, you can then be hopeful of finding the perfect partner to take things forward.

Interracial Cupid App

Interracial Cupid doesn’t have its own app, but you can view it on mobile or tabs and get an optimized viewing experience.

Editors’ Review

When it comes to the overall design and appeal of the site Interracial Cupid, it looks to be a good choice. The navigation is smooth and the support staffs seem to do a great job and are thorough and quick in responding to queries. The design is minimalistic and the dating tips seem to be very well planned. As the member count of the site isn’t bad, it actually gives you fairer chance at interracial dating and you may be able to find a good partner for the long haul.

The overall appeal of the site seems to be good enough and there is quite a lot of dating success stories which are an indication of how useful the site is. Overall it is a good and recommended choice for those interested in interracial dating.

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Interracial Match Review No.1

Interracial Match Review

  • Ease of Use / Navigation
  • Active Members
  • Features
  • Value for Money
  • Chance of Getting a Date

#1 Interracial Match

interracial match review

No.1 Interracial Site: Interracial Match

visit interracial site is the best interracial dating site from the top 10 interracial websites list. It has been connecting interracial singles to find love, marriage, support and friendship since 2001. There are over 980,000 real and qualified active members on the leading website for seeking singles out of their race! It’s the premier websites for all those who are looking to date people hailing from different races and background and explore the difference of romance and culture. There are thousands of singles from all types of races that register on the interracial social community each day and these include the White, Black, Asians, Latinos, Africans and Caucasians as well. A large majority of the members stay in America, though their origin may be from different religion and culture. There are several points which have led to the popularity of the interracial matchmaking site and let us explore it in more details.


Standard members can access the following features:
Reply to emails / online chat
Initiate sending free winks
Members’ first date ideas
Quick / Username search
Upload and maintain a private album
Post your own first date ideas and view others’
Post lifetime profile
Add up to 26 photos
Verify (photo, income…)
Post your questions to matches / friends and answer others
Edit blog and forum messages with advanced tools
Check latest activity
Comment on profiles, photos, blogs and forums
Access to our mobile site or any of our smartphone apps

Gold members can access the following extra features:
Initiate sending emails / chatting online
Respond to others’ first date ideas
Email / Wink filter settings
Check how often a user replies to emails
Advanced / Saved / Keywords / Photo
State / Province or Zip / Postal Code / City
Who is interested in me / viewed me / liked my photo / answered my questions
New / Verified members
View compatible matches / Reverse matches
View last login time
Hide others from search results
Show up at the very TOP in searches
Prioritize & Highlight listing in search / browse results & emails
Get highlighted as a featured member
Manage profile / photo privacy setting
Request access to private album
View all interracial videos
Successful dating advice and safety tips (1,100+)
Receive priority customer care
Have your own account manager to enjoy more personalized services.

1.Huge membership

Interracial Match is considered to be one of the largest dating sites for all those singles who are interested in dating someone from another race. The site boasts of a huge membership and is considered to be the most extensive platform for those who are interested in interracial dating. When you are entering in the world of online dating, it is important to opt for sites that have a high membership turnout and this site justifies it.

2.Free to try

This site is free to try and it will allow you to check out if the site seems to have the best set of features. As a lot of people are not willing to invest any upfront money, it comes in handy to test the site for free. During the free trial period, you can take a look at some of the features offered by the site and then decide if it looks good enough to opt for premium membership.

3.Verified identity

So many people are tired of the spam profiles which are present on the site. This is why Interracial Match makes it a point to filter out the unwanted people by verifying the identity of the members. This is an excellent measure which allows people to be sure that you are not a spam. Dating requires a lot of confidence and trust and having a verified profile can go a long way in establishing the right level of trust. Members have the provision of getting different parts of their profile verified, like the age, occupation or even the pictures. This step goes a long way in establishing the right trust and making a strong community.

4.Success stories

This portal allows you to read plenty of success stories. With these success stories, you will be able to get an inside scoop into how efficient this portal is and the way it can help you actually meet your partner. There are testimonials and reviews from friends and family as well which illustrates how successful the portal has really been.

5.Surf the profiles
It is really easy to check out the profiles of different people who are registered on the website. You can go though the complete profile of different members and even look at the details. When you find that a profile is good enough, you can send winks and wait for their response. You can initiate a conversation or even try and see how it goes. Test your chemistry and then be hopeful that you will find a good date to take things forward. You will need to have a paid membership plan to either initiate a conversation or even for performing advanced searches too.


Interracial Match offers two different membership plans which are

  • FREE: no extra cost to be paid as the membership is entirely free. You can access a flurry of features, but it doesn’t allow you to initiate a conversation with the people you like.
  • GOLD: the cost starts from $35.95 a month and it allows you complete access of the different features on the website.
    • 6 months (about $19.95 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $299.70      $119.95     Save 60%
    • 3 months (about $24.95 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $149.85      $74.95      Save 50%
    • 1 month (about $1.20 per day) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $49.95             $39.95      Save 20%

How it works?

Here are the series of steps which needs to be followed in order to understand how the site works.


First of all, register on the website by making an account. You can choose the free trial and even opt for free registration plan as well. Make sure to enter your correct information and you can also opt to have the details verified for better and improved credibility.


The next thing is to search for the right matches. People with free membership cannot conduct advanced searches, but it does allow you to perform simple searches. You can send winks to the profiles of people who interest you. However, free members cannot initiate a conversation. Paid members have the provision of initiating a conversation.


You can then engage in a chat program in order to test the chemistry which the two of you have. After chatting for some time, you can then decide whether or not to take the date ahead and how to keep things going. One of the drawbacks has to be the absence of video chatting facility.

Interracial Match App

Interracial Match comes with its own android and Apple app. You can download the app from both the Google play store and iTunes respectively.

iOS App for Interracial Match:

interracial match appinterracial match appinterracial match app

InterracialMatch – #1 Interracial Dating App for Singles of All Races.
InterracialMatch is the original and No.1 interracial dating site for people of all races, including Black, White, Hispanic / Latino, Asian, mixed – and even more!

We have been connecting singles to find love, support and friendship outside of race since 2001. Join 980K interracial singles now!

With InterracialMatch app you get:
– Interracial dating advice & safety tips
– Search other singles by Ethnicity
– Interracial Videos
– Verified Photo / Age / Occupation / Education
– Interracial Date Ideas

We have multiple subscription options to choose from – starting as low as $44.99/month:
• Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same upgrade price at the end of one-month period.
• Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• No cancellation of the current upgrade plan is allowed during your active period.

Editor reviews

The InterracialMatch seems to be nicely planned and the navigation is quite smooth and easy to follow. The support system is good, but it could be better with far quicker and prompt responses. The membership cost looks to be justified given the huge number of people who are a part of the site. Further, the success rate of the site is quite spectacular as there are plenty of people who have managed to find the right date.

This interracial dating site is recommended for everyone who is on the lookout for a good site where they can meet people from different origin and ethnic background. The reviews for the site have been mostly positive and ideally starting with a free membership and reverting to paid looks to be a good idea.

The advanced search features in particular are good enough to impress you. Those who want to make the most out of interracial dating should definitely check out the different details and get themselves registered here.

>>> Visit best interracial dating site:

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