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    Knowing screams like steampunk half mask, Screamo is also incredibly misunderstood. Most people think that this is a subtype of metal, or it just “does not exist”. But in fact, Screamo (also known as “skramz”) was the subtype of the core punk / emo formed by California in the early 1990s. Screamo as Emo off-line type, the combination of Emo features, but also includes screaming vocal,steampunk plague doctor mask melody story, and often radical and fast-paced. Some of the real Screamo bands are:
    Caterpillar City
    Round take the square
    The most sad scenery
    I hate myself
    Angel hair
    Love like Casual Bags… electric shock
    Love is lost but not forgotten

    Today, because of their appearance or lyric theme, many bands are considered emo. Find out whether the band is “emo” one of the main clues to listen to the band’s musical instrument situation.casual bags for ladies If it is metal, it will not be “Emo” because they are two different types of music. A band that uses emotional themes or screams does not automatically make it “emo” or “screamo”, and many people do the same.

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