Dream Islands to Visit in French Polynesia

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    <br> <br>Saved as a computer screensaver worldwide, Bora Bora is in all likelihood the most famous tropical island on the globe. With dreamy overwater bungalows sprinkled across its immense lagoon, Bora Bora could be the ultimate romantic getaway. Aside from cocktails and massages, there is lots to see and do around the island, starting with a trip along its http://www.pokojenamierzei.co.pl/atrakcje-noclegi-jantarze/ coast and up its mountains to relish spectacular panoramic views. Here you may also learn about the island’s strategic WWII role, as attested through the rusting remains of enormous cannons facing the lagoon’s entrance. At night, visit Bloody Mary’s, preferred dining selection for celebrities visiting the island.<br><br>Without a doubt, Bora Bora’s star attraction is its lagoon, best explored over a guided tour in the top sights. On a day you’ll likely never forget, it is possible to swim with sharks, snorkel in pristine coral gardens, feed a couple of hungry (but friendly) stingrays and luxuriate in a traditional Tahitian picnic lunch on the tiny island in the very edge from the lagoon.<br>

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