Chemical Exfoliators

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    <br><br>An exfoliating scrub for legs will be the second option.<br><br>The good news is that you can make these scrubs in your own home. There are a lot of easy recipes on the Internet, probably the most simple consisting in adding kosher salt for a shower gel.<br><br>Or come up with a combination between salt and oil, whatever form of oil that suits you. If you have sensitive skin it might be best to adhere to fine grained salt.<br><br>That’s only one one. You can also make in the home a banana sugar body scrub, you will find the whole recipe here. Or this place that offers you the perfect solution to what to do with the coffee left after your evryday brew, find the whole recipe here.<br><br>If you don’t feel as if putting in the small effort for making these exfoliating scrubs for legs, simply buy one. It’s not expensive.<br><br>

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